Restorative Services

Therapy using Electronic Stem Generator is typically thought of as a bone regeneration or reinforcement treatment. However, it can also be used in a restorative capacity. Processes include:

  • Deep bone problems caused by periodontitis – Typically, the dentist or periodontist treats periodontal (gum) issues using laser treatment. A dental laser emits only shortwave and short time action pulses which may treat the gum and penetrate only partially into the bone. Therefore damaged bone is still present and ignored by the patient who feels nothing while not being informed of the possible persistence of the problem. Electronic stem generator therapy uses long-wave and long time action pulses that penetrate deep into the bone, stimulating bone-rebuilding cells (osteoblasts), resulting in strengthened, disease-free bone.
  • Gingival (gum) retraction – Gum recession occurs after the natural force (with which the bone tightens the tooth root) decreases. As a result, micro-movements of the tooth occur under the action of occlusal forces (the forces exerted on opposing teeth when the jaw bites down). These forces cause the bone to resorb in the cervical area (near the gums) and, in turn, cause the gums to follow the steadily declining level of the bone. ESG treatment cures gingival retraction by stopping the activation of destructive cells (osteoclasts) within the tooth-supporting bone.

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