Electronic Stem Generator (ESG) therapy

Is a clinically proven, multi-functional, home-based treatment used to strengthen tooth-supporting bone, treat gum recession, periodontal (gum disease), and prevent peri-implantitis – a post-treatment inflammatory disease affecting approximately 34% of dental implant patients. Let’s take a closer look at the type of treatments ESG can prevent or cure.

Cellular regeneration therapy – The advantages

Pricing and fees

For an initial payment of €360, plus a €6 per day charge, you can get the healthy, long-lasting smile you really want.

Costs cover:

  • A personalised treatment plan for maintaining your teeth
  • A series of two-month rental (repeated as per your dental requirements)
  • 50% discount off in the recommended clinics for any dental treatment needed during your subscription period

Are you concerned with the longevity of your existing smile?

If so, it’s time to do something about it. Contact us and ask us about how Electronic Stem Generator therapy can help. Kickstart your journey towards a hassle-free and life-changing treatment today.