Why ESG?

When patients visit a dentist to prevent gum disease treatments or undergo restorative treatment, actions are based around cleaning and eliminating bacteria or plaque, either from the tooth, the tooth root, or the gum pockets. While these actions are good, patients must be informed that bacteria exists in the mouth. At this stage, bacteria will have generated signals that weaken the quality of the deep bone. Therefore, the bone should always provide the real focus and foundation for any prosthetic work. Weaker bone means a greater chance of tooth mobility and, eventually, tooth loss.

Electronic stem generator (ESG) is the only device that stimulates bone by improving the activity of osteoblasts (cells that regenerate new bone tissue). New bone cells proliferate (develop) slowly and can take a considerable time to trigger. Because surgical and laser treatments are performed quickly (a maximum of just a few minutes for each tooth), cellular regeneration cannot be activated. Additionally, these treatments cannot be repeated many times because they will cause cell damage that further decreases the resistance of the tooth or dental implant.

Alternatively, because ESG treatment is non-traumatic, the process can be repeated often to ensure that osteoblasts (bone building cells) proliferate effectively. Daily and long-term exposure to ESG allows for prolonged cell stimulation, enabling you to carry out bone regeneration in the comfort of your own home in a convenient, comfortable, and pain-free way. Treatment improves bone immunity faster while enabling better anti-inflammatory action - all without the inconvenience and extra costs of having to make frequent dental visits.

Alternatively, ESG treatment allows you to carry out bone regeneration in the comfort of your own home, in a convenient, comfortable and pain-free way. Daily and long-term exposure to ESG allows for prolonged cell stimulation. This in turn triggers bone regeneration and improves bone immunity faster, for better anti-inflammatory action - all without the inconvenience and extra costs of having to make frequent dental visits.

Just one hundred hours of use over several months is all it takes to:

  • Stop tooth mobility
  • Halt gum disease
  • Heal gingival retraction
  • Resist periodontal disease
  • Avert peri-implantitis
  • Prevent tooth loss

Electronic Stem Generator - Scales of prevention

As we age, the bone structure supporting teeth weakens. ESG helps maintain healthy bone, prevent tooth mobility, and preserve your smile in all stages of life. Check out the steps below.

About our technology

Electronic stem generator utilises a process known as cellular regeneration. Unlike dental laser treatment which generates only shortwave pulses, ESG uses longwave electromagnetic pulses that penetrate deep into the bone. This simple, home-based treatment can improve bone structure, prevent tooth mobility and heal gingival (gum) recession, bone resorption, and other problems that refer you to a periodontist.

  • Patients wear either an external face applicator or a ‘U-shaped’ mouthguard which are connected to the device.
  • Switch the device on and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Magnetic pulses penetrate the deep bone and work to stimulate osteoblasts (bone generating cells) while decreasing osteoclasts (bone destroying cells, as long they are active).
  • Use regularly for the required amount of time.

After just a few months of use, results are visible, long-lasting and will persist for as long as the periodontist/dentist sees fit. During which the ESG process will need to be repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because advanced gum (periodontal) disease is already present deep in the supporting bone, simple descaling and short-wavelength techniques like laser will only act superficially on the gums and tooth-root and not on the deep bone, thus ignoring cellular changes in bone depth. For this reason, unique treatments to rehabilitate deep bone like longwave ESG must be used.

  • Any person over 30 years of age
  • Anyone requiring complex dental procedures like dental implants
  • Anyone who has developed periodontal disease
  • Patients who have a history of granuloma (inflammation of the periodontal tissue around the root tip)
  • During and after orthodontic treatment

Not at all. During this home-based treatment, patients will feel nothing at all. Many people find it convenient to undergo treatment while reading, watching TV or walking in the garden.

While ESG is exceptionally good at healing gum recession, it is also beneficial as a deterrent for gum disease prevention, tooth mobility, and even post dental implant problems like peri-implantitis.

When bacterial microbes are present in the mouth, bone resorption occurs. Add to this the fact that chewing places tremendous pressure on the tooth-supporting bone, the preservation of the tooth depends upon the strength of the bone supporting it. However, by the time gum disease is noticeable, it can only be treated using antiseptics and short-wave laser in classical dental practice. These processes cannot rehabilitate the deep bone. As a result, teeth become loose. Electronic Stem Generator restores bone immunity and prevents tooth loss using long-wave electromagnetic pulses with the purpose of restoring cellular immunity for long periods of time. This treatment cannot be found in a classical dental setting. However, if you sign up with us, you can use ESG at home to achieve deep bone regeneration.

When force is applied to the teeth (as in orthodontic treatment), the supporting bone needs to break down to allow the tooth to move. Often the bone does not strengthen sufficiently and quickly behind the direction of travel. As such, gingival retraction and tooth mobility can occur. Using ESG (either during orthodontic treatment or directly after) helps strengthen the bone and maintain tooth stability quickly.

Yes. Electronic Stem Generator therapy improves bone health, and, together with a root filling, can limit the re-occurrence of dental granulomas. This way, tooth extraction is avoided.

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