ESG Technology – The Secret to Gum Disease Prevention and Peri-implantitis after Implant Installation

  • Did you know that 47% of adults over 30 suffer from some form of gum disease?
  • And, that 34% of dental implant patients experience peri-implantitis?
  • Moreover, there is no effective treatment if peri-implantitis (inflammation around implant) is present.
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They're not problems you'll want to ignore

  • If left, both diseases cause infection, gum recession, bone erosion, and tooth or dental implant loss.
  • The early signs of gum disease can be reversed and cured when caught early. However, as periodontitis advances, it affects the bone. Teeth become loose and the dentist will typically recommend tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant. Inserting an implant into problematic bone without specific treatment is likely to cause peri-implantitis.
  • Bacteria destroys gum and bone surrounding the tooth or dental implant. Typically, dental treatments for periodontitis and peri-implantitis only repair superficial damage of soft gingiva. This has little effect on the bone loss in areas surrounding tooth or implant roots.
  • Unfortunately, when patients visit their dentists for regular procedures like check-ups, dental cleans, and tooth fillings, problems like weakened gums and diminishing bone density proved by radiography go unnoticed since there are no visible signs.
  • Habitual problems like teeth grinding or bruxism can also lead to gum recession, tooth mobility, and eventual tooth loss.

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Gum disease prevention

What's the solution?

We need to take control and improve our oral health at home with meticulous care of our teeth and gums.

But it goes beyond gum disease prevention.

The jawbone needs to be kept strong, healthy, and dense to retain natural teeth for longer, prevent tooth mobility, and secure a solid foundation for dental implants, should we require them later in life.

How do we do this?


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How does Electronic Stem Generator work?

ESG is a lightweight, compact device that utilises gentle magnetic pulses to reduce the action of osteoclasts (cells that destroy bone tissue and increase the number of osteoblasts (cells that regenerate new bone tissue). You can read about it in more detail by referring to our technology and services pages.

With yearly usage, ESG is an effective way to:

  • strengthen bone foundation
  • prevent and halt gum recession
  • prevent and heal tooth mobility
  • halt bone resorption

thus avoiding the need for referral to a periodontist and further invasive and costly treatments.

Key features of our ESG tool

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use at home
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Personalised treatment plan

Benefits of ESG

  • Electro-medicine covers non-invasive therapy without any side effects
  • Regenerates tissue growth painlessly
  • Helps maintain natural teeth and lower the risk of tooth mobility and tooth loss
  • Reduces healing and treatment time
  • Negates the need for frequent dental visits
  • Reduces overall dental costs

Who should use ESG?

Electronic Stem Generator is highly recommended for a wide range of people, including those who:

  • Are aged 35-40 with all their natural teeth
  • Have undergone orthodontic treatment
  • Are considering crown and dental implant treatment
  • Have a history of granuloma

ESG is as easy as 1,2,3

Do you want to improve the outlook for your oral health using non-invasive proven methods?

Dentistry fees are very expensive and generate pain, so why not save yourself unnecessary excessive costs and discomfort by subscribing today to ESG.

From as little as 6 euro per day, Electronic Stem Generator lets you keep your natural teeth while eliminating periodontitis, peri-implantitis, tooth mobility, and gum recession. There's no need to visit our clinic. To enjoy all the benefits of ESG, contact us, and we'll send you the device by courier to rent and use when ready.


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